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Driving Tips Prepare For The Road

People love their cars. Most people can't wait until they're old enough to go into debt with the purchase of their first car. The car symbolizes independence, adulthood and if you're a man, it may increase your chances of getting a date. As pathetic as it sounds, men do consider what effects a car can have on their social life.Lots of women think in terms of economics, so a car is as much about perception as anything else.

Of course, women might say material things don't matter, but they really do.Getting the car may be the easy part; it's all the other stuff that makes it complicated, like repairs, gas and insurance. A car is a big responsibility. Although people may refer to it as a toy, a car is a two ton piece of machinery that can easily become a weapon, if not handled properly.Many people forget that there's a public trust that goes with getting behind the wheel.

The public assumes that you can drive; they assume that you have the mental aptitude to handle unexpected situations; and above all else, they assume you understand your responsibilities to the other drivers on the road.There are some things all drivers can do to make driving a safer process. For starters, you shouldn't drive if you're tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Statistics have proven that driving under the influence will increase your chances of getting into an accident. Also, you need to always fasten your seat belt.

Most states have seat belt laws, but a lot of people ignore them. And make all your car adjustments before you get on the highway. Whether it's the steering wheel or your seat, you need to be comfortable before you leave the driveway.You don't need to be adjusting your seat while driving at 70 mph.Unless there's an emergency, stay off the cell phone. Doing anything that takes your total attention away from driving will only increase your risks.

And it's also good to drive with a defensive mentality.In other words, assume everyone else on the road has no idea what they're doing, so drive with the anticipation that something could go wrong at any time. You don't need to speed, but you do need to drive at the speed of traffic. If the flow of traffic is running at 75 mph, then you should too. One of the hardest things for most drivers is to have patience.

But the sooner you accept the consequences that come with driving, then the better off you'll be.Driving is an activity which takes you from point A to point B. But it's those things that can occur between the two points that will define your driving experience.

It doesn't take a degree to make you a good driver. The highway is a crowded place and everybody is trying to get somewhere.But if people can give the kind of courtesy that they expect for themselves, then maybe everyone can make it home safe.


Michael Russell.Your Independent guide to Driving Tips.

By: Michael Russell

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