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Energy Conservation in Motion Hybrid Automobiles

Automobile companies go to extreme lengths to one up the competition, they roll out new makes and models yearly. The cars of today are lean, mean horsepower monsters showcased in the most beautiful designs imaginable. During times of oil and petroleum crisis, consumers are still waiting in line to purchase the latest automobiles. So it is very fortunate that there are some manufacturers that came up with the concept of hybrid automobiles.

Hybrid cars were developed to save on the world's oil resources and to produce lower emissions. Hybrids are a combination of the combustion gasoline engine of the present and electric motor. To power to these automobiles, multiple propulsion packages are utilized. Electric batteries are utilized to crank up the electric motors. The batteries of the modern commercially-produced hybrids are recharged by acquiring kinetic energy through the means of regenerative braking used in the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight hybrid-electric vehicle. There are many kinds of hybrid automobiles.

These types are distinguished by the connection manner between fueled and electric halves of the powertrain and the designated operating period of each portion. Here are the main classifications and the brands that utilize the following hybrid packages: 1. Full hybrid It can operate on just the engine or the batteries alone, or both power sources combined. These automobiles have more drivetrain flexibility because of the presence of split power path. The electrical and mechanical power is interconverted.

Differential-style linkage is utilized by the vehicles in the middle of the motor and the engine linked to the transmission's head end in order to put balance from each power portion. Toyota's Prius and Highlander SUV are full hybrids, with computer-operated systems that decides which power source should be in operation, or if both of them should be working at the same time. When operating on its normal mode, the electric power is used, and the gasoline engine will only work if it is required or if the electric motor has been turned off. 2. Assist hybrid These hybrids use the engine as the main source of power.

A very powerful electric motor is connected to a conventional powertrain. It operates when there is a need for the engine to be turned over and also when the driver requires additional starter power. This design is used by the hybrid automobiles of Honda, like the Insight. It compliments the reputation of the company in producing gasoline engines that are small and efficient.

Honda's system is called Integrated Motor Assist. The difference of the Assist from the Full hybrids is that it cannot function on electric power alone. 3. Mild hybrid They are conventional vehicles equipped with starter motors that are oversized.

The advantage of this is that the engine can be shut off whenever the car is in braking, coasting or stopping motion, and still be able to restart with no problems at all. Like the other hybrids, energy is recaptured by utilizing the motor for regenerative braking. Some people do not consider the mild variety as hybrid automobiles, because they do not save up on fuel compared to the other kinds. Chevrolet used this system for their Silverado automobile, and they improved its fuel efficiency by making the engine turn off or restart on demand. General Motors created the Belt alternator starter hybrid system, for the Saturn VUE Green Line automobiles. Its operation is more or less the same as the Silverado.

4. Plug-in hybrid They are full hybrids that function using only electric power, equipped with bigger batteries and has the capability to recharge energy from the power grid. The primary benefits of using these vehicles is that they can be independent from gasoline for short, daily trips, but can also have the capabilities of other hybrids when it comes to long distance travel. They can also be used by multiple fuels to supplement the electric power.

Companies such as Renault and DaimlerChrysler are producing automobiles using this system. Here are some more of the hybrid automobiles that are currently available in the market: 1. Lexus RX400h and GS450h from Lexus 2. Honda Insight Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid from Honda 3. Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner from Ford Consumers today have lots of options when purchasing their automobiles. For those who are conscious of the amount of fuel wasted and the amount of emissions produced, hybrid automobiles are a very sound option.

Joel Gray is Writer and Webmaster for The Info Stop an online source for Headline News, Interesting Stories, and Informative Reviews brought to you by Truman Marketing. For more information about the Hybrid Vehicles visit: Hybrid Cars Information

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