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Future of Hybrid Cars

There are many design concepts being considered for maximum public exposure and benefits on the drawing board of car designers today that look to the future hybrid car needs and considerations that will serve the public well in the course of the next century. Many of these hybrid car designers are taking past and proven sales performers and have begun reworking their designs from the ground up. Instead of a front wheel drive platform, there are automobile designers that are building on a rear platform design for one of the nation's best selling and widely recognized car frames in America and worldwide. The hybrid car designs of the future are including sports car models that have been all-time favorites with the world in the past and are now being revived with the brand new hybrid engine in mind. There is an aggressive training program in place at one of Americas largest car manufacturing companies that is preparing their technicians to repair the growing styles and variations of hybrid cars that are emerging onto the automobile market.

With the extreme difference in battery features and dramatic variance in voltage levels, there is a void that needs to be filled by someone who is equipped with the necessary battery cabling devices that can handle 270 volts instead of the normal 12 volt battery systems. Regular car technicians are typically capable of handling battery recharging requirements, but with the futuristic applications that are applied in hybrid battery design, the best service these car technicians can provide at present is that they can still provide oil changes and tire rotations should the need arise. With a mindset of grasping and expanding the propulsion features that are somewhat limited in today's hybrid car designs, there are retro styling efforts that are focusing on providing hybrid cars with optional V8 engine capacities. There are considerations in place to use solar cells in the framework of hybrid automobiles. The electrical power will be produced through the boot lids and bonnet placement of these solar cell modules. Through the use of solar cells it will then be possible to utilize the battery charging capabilities when the car is not turned on or in motion to replenish batteries that have been depleted through the use of air conditioning or through continuous operation when the hybrid automobile is delayed in traffic jams at different times of the day.

This lightweight body structure design would benefit the energy savings to the consumer and make the car more manageable on the highway. There is an effort in hybrid car design that is turning the out of the ordinary hybrid vehicle into a replica of what is parked in the driveway every day of our life. This blending in effect is meant to bring the hybrid full circle into the acceptable graces of the American public. The future hybrid car will need to focus more on greenhouse gases that negatively effect the environment as well as a hybrid car that will be even more fuel efficient. Without these changes, the production and sales of any type of vehicle will not be possible due to the degradation of our atmosphere.

There are many views about hybrid cars in the futures that will change its fuel source from the heavy duty batteries in use today, to hydrogen-power fuel cell. This will take away the need for hybrid cars to have to use gasoline completely in order to transverse down the major highways.

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