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Get Tax Deduction on Your Car

Did you know what kind of tax benefits that you car can give you? Have a good idea about it to save you a good amount of money when you plan to buy your next car. There are many other tips on efficient driving which you might be aware of and have use them as well. You can have a look once again to make sure what steps to be taken and when to be taken. The government will give you a payment if you are willing to become more environmentally friendly and want to conserve gas.

The owner of an IRS certified hybrid car is able to deduct USD 2,000 in the year that the car was first purchased and used. The cars that qualify under the current law are: - Toyota Prius (model years 2001-2004) - Honda Insight (model years 2000-2004) - Honda Civic Hybrid (model years 2003 and 2004). Take advantage of these tax deductions if you are buying a hybrid car or are planning to buy one in the future months.

- Use a sunshade to keep your car cool and avoid the use of the air conditioner. - Park in the shade when it's warm. - Make sure that your parking brake is fully released before you start driving. - Use a block heater in winter to pre-warm your car engine.

- Do not ride the brake. Drive with a smooth, constant speed. - Keep the transmission fluid in your car at the proper level. - If there is smoke is coming from your tailpipe make sure that you make an appointment with your mechanic. - Make sure that your cooling system thermostat in your car is working properly.

- Avoid air conditioning leaks by constant checkups with your mechanic. Pre-1994 vehicles use CFCs for cooling. - Immediately fix a slipping transmission. - When you rev up your vehicle's engine it wastes gas. Avoid revving your engine before your turn it off.

- If you can't find a place to buy low priced gas on one day wait if you can until a few days later since the price of gas is constantly changing. - Buy your gas at the wholesale clubs, like Costco. You can often save over 10 cents a gallon or more. If you don't like the wholesale clubs get a gas credit card. You will get a 1 to 5 percent discount when you buy that brand of gas. These websites are a great place for you to find more information about how to save money at the gas pump: - Advanced engine performance in new model cars.

- Understanding fuel economy ratings. - Hot new hybrid cars. - Determine how much in fuel and fuel costs a trip will cost you. - Information about octane gas. - General information about your vehicle and gas consumption.

- Save money on car expenses. - Fuel consumption calculator. - Gas tips for Canadians. - Car tune-up information. - Another gas pricing site.

These kinds of tax incentives help to be environmentally friendly and a conserve gas. So what do you want from your next car depends on what kinds of cars you buy. Keep your car in a good condition by following these tips and enjoy your rides every time you drive.

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.atv-parts-n-accessories.com/ , http://www.guidestocarparts.info/ , http://www.guidetocarparts.info/

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