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Motorcycle Sun Glasses More than Just an Accessory Riders See Them as a Necessity

Whether you are a motorcycle owner or an occasional rider, one of the most important accessories you need is a pair of motorcycle sun glasses.Many avid motorcycle riders prefer to wear motorcycle sun glasses underneath their visors and goggles to help with glare, UV light protection, light reflection, and depth perception. Although the law in most U.S. states does not require motorcycle riders to wear visors or goggles, state laws do require that riders have their visors and goggles tinted below a certain percentage. By law, 50% is the darkest tint allowed.

If a visor or pair of goggles is too dark or mirrored in any way, it is not legal. Because of this, many riders choose to wear motorcycle sun glasses beneath their visors and goggles to enhance vision and make riding more comfortable.If you are a motorcycle rider, you must consider a few points when deciding which motorcycle sun glasses to purchase. First, you must make sure that your motorcycle sun glasses have straight arms.

This feature is often referred to as a "skull fit". A skull fit will allow you to put your motorcycle sun glasses on and take them off with ease while wearing a helmet.Another wise option to consider when purchasing motorcycle sun glasses is whether or not you want polarized lenses. Many riders prefer polarized lenses in their motorcycle sun glasses, as this type of lens takes away the glare that can sometimes cause problems seeing the road. Polarized lenses eliminate eyestrain, allowing for a much more comfortable ride. Popular motorcycle sun glasses that have polarized lenses include Oakley Polarized MINUTE glasses and Velocity CV glasses.

When shopping for motorcycle sun glasses, you should select a pair that is approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). If a style of motorcycle sun glasses is ANSI approved, it means that it has undergone testing to ensure that it can protect your eyes in the most extreme conditions.Two popular pairs of ANSI-approved motorcycle sun glasses are Neptune Riding Glasses and Rider Plus Riding Glasses.Lens color is also important to consider when choosing motorcycle sun glasses. For example, lenses that are smoked (dark) in color are best for daytime riding, as they provide the most glare protection. Clear lenses, on the other hand, are best for night rides because they do not distort color.

And, clear lenses that are mirrored provide the extra benefit of reflecting the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Yellow lenses are best for cloudy days, as well as foggy situations.Yellow lenses allow for depth perception when there is low visibility. Finally, both red and blue lenses take care of all of these problems ? they can reduce glare, reflect very bright light, and enhance depth perception.If you happen to need prescription motorcycle sun glasses, you can speak to your eye doctor about which brand and style is best for you.

Your doctor may suggest that you get motorcycle sun glasses with UV protection. Lenses with UV protection will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which are known to cause serious eye problems.The type of motorcycle sun glasses you end up purchasing should be a result of your personal needs as well as the condition of your eyes.

Once you find the perfect pair, you will be ready to ride like the wind and be protected from it at the same time.

.Matt Morrison wrote this article for Everything Sunglasses, which provides information on sunglasses.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matt_Morrison.

By: Matt Morrison

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