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Smart Shoppers Save More on Vehicles and Financing

Whether it's a real estate agency or a construction company, cars and trucks are needed for getting the job done. Finding the best deals on automobiles will often involve the number and type needed and the kind of credit your company has. However, shopping around can really help net the best deal on both a car and a loan. Don't settle on the first car you see or the first loan offer you get and do be diligent in comparing options and you're likely to net both a good car and a great loan. When shopping around for the best deal on business cars or trucks, the smartest place to start is by considering these things: * What kind of vehicle is needed? This means fully assessing the situation. A four-door, luxury sedan might seem like a great idea, but if a compact car that gets awesome gas mileage will do the trick, it's likely to be the better choice.

This is especially so considering the high cost of gasoline and maintenance. But, if a large work truck is needed, settling for a smaller one won't do either. Be realistic with needs versus wants, especially if you're buying vehicles on behalf of a company you don't own! * Are there specific options required. If, for example, your business is real estate, a large vehicle with children's safety features might be in order. A construction company might require trucks with lockable hatches for stowing expensive gear, or a towing package for other equipment. * Is there a particular make and model you're interested in? If so, shop that model at a number of different dealers.

If you're looking to buy more than a single vehicle, fleet discounts might be available. Don't forget to ask about these and look for them! When looking at financing there are a number of things to consider. They include: * Of course, the interest rates. Shop different companies for writing the loans and look at the pricing differences if a higher or lower down payment is brought into the mix.

Go with the best interest rates, of course, but if you don't think you're getting them from the dealer, consider contacting your bank or several banks yourself before shopping for cars. Pre-approved loans can really help during negotiations with dealers, too. * Extended warranties. When a lot of mileage is involved, these can be bottom line savers if they're included. Sometimes, however, they're not necessary and can only add to the overall expense.

* Gap insurance. This little added feature packs a big punch if an accident takes place. Gap insurance covers just that. It pays what regular insurance doesn't to zero out your loan balance. Since cars depreciate the second they're driven off the lot, this relatively cheap coverage is a big deal.

It's a "waste of money" when it's not needed, but when it is, the expense is more than worth the coverage. Whether it's construction, real estate, sales or more, automobiles are often required. Getting the best deal on the car and the best deal on the loan can make a big difference in a company's bottom line. Shop around and make smart decisions when looking for a company car.

Luxury might be nice, but if a more solid, cheaper model will suffice, consider that as well. Don't settle for the first car that fits the bill or the first loan offered.

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