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The Most Important Things To Decide On Before Buying A Used Bus

When buying a used bus it is always wise to pay attention to the following list of advantages and disadvantages. Maintenance Records: It is always wise to know where the Shuttle bus has been before you put the next 100,000 miles on it. If it has been in a fleet, it will have records. If it was a personal use, it probably won't.

It's always good to find out how often the engine and transmission was serviced. Engine: Make sure you know what size you want and whether you want a diesel or a gas engine. When choosing between gas and diesel Remember that gas engines work harder with a heavier passenger load, so remember that when calculating fuel efficiency. Transmission health: Make sure you test drive it or take the word of a trusted seller when asking about the transmission. Some transmissions may start out fine but slip in higher gears. Automatic transmissions are preferred and much more common, so don't waste your time and money on looking for a manual.

Do not be deceived, the best transmissions on the market for shuttle buses are Allison Transmissions. Rust: Remember, rust is body cancer; it never just disapears, it will only get worse. Make sure there is no rust on the side panels and no rust underneath or anywhere on the frame.

Rust does not rest either. If the rust is little now, it'll grow every time it gets wet. Water, snow, and ice are rust catalysts. Just as CRBuses does your dealer should completely replace rusted body panels. Leaks: Make sure there are no leaks and if you buy the bus online and don't have a chance to look at it in person, make sure you ask all these questions.

Look for ANY signs of leaks, particularly from Automatic Transmissions. Some transmissions used in buses have wimpy front seals and leak constantly when the transmission gets really hot (long trips). Don't buy a bus with a leaky transmission. A replacement Allison can cost $4,000 parts and labor.

Leaking brake components or hydraulic systems can be expensive to repair as well, so be wary of what you are buying use only best quality hydraulic hoses and lines. Body Style: The body style is not necessarily a problem but rather an issue of preference. Some bus body companies make more durable shells than others so ask your questions about the body style to your seller. Placement of the entry door is one item you should think about. If the entry/exit is more toward the middle, you may end up losing one or two extra seats, etc.

Storage Space: Some bus body styles have overhead storage capacities and others just have a rear entrance storage room. Decide where you would like your storge before buying Some Dealers can make overhead storage racks or luggage racks that bolt to the floor. Size: The last issue to look at is the size.

Make sure you buy a bus that suits your needs. I recommend that you not buy a bus that holds 30 passengers and then only cart 15 around all the time. If you decide to modify your bus then make sure the chassis can handle the added weight and check local state laws for CDL requirements regarding the gross vehicle weight rating.

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