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What The Color Of Your Car Means

Rumors once flew that red cars were more expensive to insure because they were thought to be driven faster. Today however it is known that car insurance companies don't really care what color your car is. There have been multiple studies done to see if a certain color car was more likely to be driven faster or to be in more collisions. The results are always mixed however, with no steady results being found.The color of car you prefer can mean something however.Some experts claim those who like red or yellow cars tend to be more adventurous.

Those who prefer white or silver tend to be more conservative. Those who like blue or other vibrant colors are often more creative and those who like black and often considered classy drivers. This may or may not pertain to you.While these are not scientific observations, there may be truth in them in some cases. Something more viable to think about is how the color of your car affects the interior when it is hot outside.Many people with black cars will tell you that they can never get their car to stay cool inside when the temperature outdoors rises.

Making it too hot.

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By: Shirley Simmons

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