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Why Wont Your Engine Start

Somehow, your engine just would not start. You are stumped and you surely would not know what to do now. Well, there are a couple of things that could be the cause why your engine would not start when you try to turn it on.

Usually, when you start a car, you would hear a cranking sound. If you do not hear the sound, it actually means that your starter is not working.

The thing to do would be to actually check what might be wrong with your starter.It could be your starter per se or it could even be parts of it like the starter wires, or relay. Or maybe, the battery is dead. You can also check the battery terminals to see if they are already corroded or just loose.

The "check engine" light should also be turned on when you start your car. You see, it actually indicates that the engine computer is powered.

Now if you do not see the light come on, it means that the power has not yet reached the engine computer. There might be broken wires or faulty communication.

Once the ignition is turned on, you would actually hear a buzzing sound on the fuel pump which actually emanates from the gas tank area. This happens because when the ignition switch is turned on, the engine computer runs a fuel pump for a couple of second so as to pump initial gas pressure. If there is no buzzing sound, there might be something wrong with the fuel pump itself or it may be something with the electrical circuit. You should not try and check this yourself.

Have a professional take a look at your vehicle.

If you left your vehicle lights on overnight, the battery becomes discharged. And we all know that a discharged battery is one of the most common and most probably reasons why a vehicle would not start. If this happens to you, what you would hear is a clicking noise when you try to attempt to start your car.

To check if your battery is discharged, you should turn the ignition on while the engine is off. Then, switch your windshield wipers on. If the wipers move slower than the usual, the battery is probably discharged.

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Kimberly Meyer is an expert when it comes to automotive issues. She is the manager of her own car parts manufacturing company. This 33 year-old maiden is also a talented writer. .


By: Kimberly Meyer

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